Our Workshop

"Hitting the Sweet Spot:  Worship that is Approachable, Contemporary and Lutheran"

At some point, most Lutheran congregations explore contemporary worship.  The long-term success of such a venture depends on hitting the “sweet spot” wherein the worship is approachable, contemporary, and Lutheran.  To help Lutheran congregations hit that sweet spot, GraceFlock is offering on-location workshops to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Whether your congregation is contemplating contemporary worship, starting it, or in need of rejuvenating  an existing contemporary service, we offer years of successful worship experiences to help congregations achieve and/or regain a meaningful worship experience.

Worship that is Approachable

We offer tips on how to avoid the “oil painting” congregation who are overwhelmed with unfamiliar, unsingable, and/or unsuitable music.  Learn how to get and keep your congregation engaged in the worship experience with minimal “overhead” by worship leaders.  This applies to large or small congregations; and worship leading teams of one pianist to a full band.


Worship that is Contemporary

Although “contemporary” is in the ear of the beholder, GraceFlock has had great success in bringing music from contemporary Christian radio into worship.  Learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to mix “stock” contemporary music with the freshest Christian music.

Worship that is Lutheran

Being approachable and contemporary doesn’t mean sacrificing our Lutheran heritage or theology.  In fact, it is possible to embrace our Lutheranism without having worship seem like “high church” that can turn some people away, or becoming so watered-down the Lutheran traditions become unrecognizable.  We will share our methods for keeping the “Lutheran” in a Lutheran worship experience.

Our Mission

We seek to help others use contemporary music and worship to spread God’s message of love and grace, especially to those who have not grown up in the traditional Lutheran environment.