GraceFlock in concert at Faith Lutheran Church in Washington, IL.
GraceFlock in 2008 - (front row, left to right) Sue Summers, Gary Pederson, Karla Dietmeyer (kneeling), Ginnie Weber, Kathy Rothfusz, Frank Trembley; (middle row) Mark Summers, Lans Rothfusz, Chris Pederson, Penny Kahley; (back row) Karen Ladman, James Callison, Robin Merriman.
Group Picture

Our Mission


Through our music ministry and our lives, GraceFlock works to bring God’s unconditional love and grace to all people – whether they are lost, found or somewhere in between.

Band History

GraceFlock leads contemporary worship at Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Peachtree City, GA and is comprised of musicians who have regular jobs, go to school, or are retired.  The group has lead the “GraceFlock” worship service since 2001 when Minister of Music, David Beecher, and several other original band members started an “experimental” worship service in the church’s fellowship hall.  The service was instantly at near-capacity – filled with disciples of all ages seeking to worship God in a less traditional but Lutheran fashion.  The service has been going strong ever since.  

The original music of GraceFlock, written by Lans Rothfusz and Gary Pederson, brings Lutheran theology to life and teaches of grace and faith through the words of Scripture.  As worship leaders, we strive for congregational participation rather than performance.  Our congregation routinely sings the original songs of GraceFlock found on its three CDs: "Living Gifts," "Alive in the Lamb," and "Life."

Until 2012, GraceFlock took its original music and message on the road to congregations who love to hear new songs and are eager to learn about worship outside of past tradition.  The original music ranges from soft, thoughtful ballads to hard, driving rock.  God’s message and our praise can be delivered in many different ways.  Thanks for listening to our music and supporting the ministry of GraceFlock!

In 2012, Lans and Kathy Rothfusz, founding members of GraceFlock, moved to Norman, OK for career reasons.  This brought to an end the touring activities of GraceFlock, although the Sunday morning contemporary worship is still being led by original members of the band - and a few new friends.

GraceFlock Worship Team

The GraceFlock Band is assisted by a wonderful team of musicians and technical support people.  These folks may not travel with the band, but they are an essential part of our Sunday worship services at Christ Our Shepherd.  These folks include:

Gary Pederson Christie Pederson James Callison
Brian White Sue Lynn White Jamie Callison
Jarred Hall Sue Summers Charlie Armour
Karl Dietmeyer Robin Merriman Carrie McDowell
Sara Kahley Mark Summers Carolyn Callison
Penny Kahley Frank Trembley  

GraceFlock Alumni

In addition to the "regulars" and worship leaders listed above, the following have lent their skills and gifts to GraceFlock over the years but who have moved on to other ventures:

Shane Beard Linda Volckman Karen Ladman
Karla Dietmeyer Ginnie Weber Clyde Mensen
Jeremy Kasten Del Boland David Beecher
Kevin Kahley Lee Whetstone Michael Compton
Rick Rickart Brandon Rothfusz Preston Rothfusz
Kathy Rothfusz Lans Rothfusz Amelia Merriman
Ashley Young